The traditional remedy of our hair care products have been originally formulated in Pakistan and is today used by modern women across the globe. Our formulation has been passed down from generation to generation to deeply nourish the hair follicles. The hair formulation had been adopted by the co-founder who took the remedy from her mother’s naturopathic cabinet in 1982 (when women were flashing their glorious, luscious hair) and passed it down to her daughters. Now we understand it would be selfish for us to keep this remedy to ourselves and is why we have decided to bring it to the market to share it with the world.

Essential oils are concentrated oils extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, roots and other components of a plant for their FLAVORS and their aroma. With youngsters, adults and seniors having busier lifestyles than ever, the stress and anxiety levels are rising leading to diseases. The major benefits of inhaling the aroma of essential oils are stress relief, antidepressant,  reducing headaches, helping one heal and recover. Currently, essential oils for the aromatherapy benefits are used in diffusers, soaps, massage oil, candles and we are expanding it into cosmetics.

About us

Our Story

Lushness was founded in 2018 in Ontario, Canada born from a demand by a society that wanted to integrate aromatherapy benefits in their busy schedule. We are continuing to work towards making products that come with aromatherapy benefits more convenient for people. We know there is a higher demand for ‘100% natural products’ and products which come with ‘aromatherapy benefits’ today than we ever have had in history. We aim for our skin-care products to be more than just taking care of your skin, we aim to have people being the best version of themselves with the positive psychological benefits the skin-care products come with.