1. Ignoring your natural arch. Your eyebrows may not have a sharp 45 degrees arch, however just about every eyebrow has an arch. 

2. Over-tweezing the top portion of your eyebrow arch; it is best to leave the top portion of your eyebrows for the professionals to deal with. Give yourself 3 weeks between each tweezing session of your brows.

3. Trying to make your eyebrows identical; it has been said that "eyebrows are sisters, not twins". Therefore, do not bother trying to make your eyebrows the exact same as that increases the risk of plucking out more hair than necessary.


4. Tweezing before taking a warm shower, WORSE THING TO DO TO YOUR SKIN!! The steam caused by warm water loosens hair follicles which may cause eyebrow hairs to slip off. 

 5. Your eyebrows are meant to have a certain look depending on your facial features. Did you know that the beginning of your brows should line up with the bridge of your nose, not the outer edge of your nostril. 

6. Plucking your eyebrows too close to the mirror and in a bright environment is one of the leading causes of over-plucking. Having a distance of an arm span from the mirror and being in an environment with natural light is the perfect state for plucking your brows.


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