If you have not been keeping up with the latest fashion trends that’s alright, but it is unacceptable to not be keeping up with the eyebrow trends. The 2018 brow trend can be described in 3 phrases:

  1. Building dimension by giving it a natural look
  2. Boldness and fullness
  3. Elegance

Today your eyebrows play a vital role in your beauty and it is necessary to have your eyebrows on fleek, meaning your eyebrows are well groomed, naturally shaped and filled.


1920 – Super thin brows: Marlene Dietrich (Getty Images)

1930 – Style and elegance: Katherin Hepburn (Getty Images)


1940 – Softer natural look - Grace Kelly (Getty Images)

1950 – Dark and luscious brows: Marilyn Monroe (Getty Images)

1960 – Return of thin brows: Lesley Lawson (Getty Images)

1970s known as the Disco Fever- Super thin and flat - Dona Summer

1980s Still the thin brows - Madonna (Getty Images)

1990s - The Super Thin Brows: Ginger Spice 

2000s - Bringing Sexy Back: Angelina Jolie

2010s - Natural Look: Lucy Hale

2018 - Natural Look:


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